Non-members please call 724-339-1684 if you plan to attend. 
The Next meeting is Monday, February 17th, 7pm,  at the Denny's in Monroeville.
Welcome to the Pittsburgh Professional Videographers Association.
We're an organization of professional videographers, producers, and editors in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas dedicated to the advancement of the video industry. This association was formed to share ideas, improve skills, and learn new techniques in video shooting, editing, and marketing. Our members offer services for event, corporate and commercial video production, as well as providing photo montages, movie and DVD transfers, life histories, and more.
If you are an independent videographer or the owner of a video production company, the PPVA is dedicated to helping you succeed in your business.
We meet every third Monday of the month to discuss issues of interest to our members and keep up with the latest technology. We also invite guest speakers to talk about everything from new video equipment to health care plans.
For more information about our meetings and membership, please see the links at the side of this page.
I hope to see you at our next meeting.

Mike Martin
Founder and former PPVA President