Best Love Story
Best Wedding Vows Coverage
Best Wedding Reception Coverage
Best Wedding Highlights
Best Photo Montage
Best Social/sports/school Event Coverage
Best Music Video
Best Commercial/Advertisement
Best Corporate/Promotional/Training Video
Best Label Design
Best Documentary
Wedding Love Story/Engagement Video, story of couple's life, how met, interviews – not wedding day highlight reel.
Wedding Vows Coverage, not a highlight montage, showcasing how a professional videographer covers this live event.
Wedding Reception Coverage, any 1 portion of reception, not a highlight montage. Goal here is to showcase professional coverage of a live event. Does not include preproduced videos such as photo montages played at reception. However, if a photo montage is played at the reception and the videographer covers that event, this is ok.
Wedding Highlights Production, under 5 minutes. Full day, ceremony, or reception. – inform judges that the montage could be only a portion of the day, so don't judge by "not" including reception for example.
Photo Montage Production, any subject ok
Social/Sports/School Event Production, family reunion, party, graduation party, memorial videos, 5 minutes or less, montage is ok.
Music Video
Corporate/Promotional , training video, instructional video
Labels, Jewel case and/or Disc labels, any event
* "Wedding Reception Coverage" submissions should be from any portion of a reception as given to the client on the
final copy - excluding a montage. "Labels" category can be the jewel case, DVD label, or both together.
* SUBMISSION DEADLINES: Final entries will be due at the monthly meeting prior to the event.  This would be either 17 OR April 21 depending on the event date.
* LABELING THE DISCS: Each entry video must be on a separate disc. Please
label the disc with the year 2013, the name of the category, and your company name.
* Each video should start from black, and all attempts to keep the video anonymous should be made. For example, if your company name appears in
the video please blur it out if possible.
* ENTRY FEE: The entry fee for members is $10 per entry up to 3, then free after 3.